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Delpro – Turret reel stands with flying splice

Delpro turret reel stands with automatic flying splice ensure non-stop production at full speed. Reels up to 800mm diameter can be loaded and the compact design allows them to be accommodated even where headroom is restricted.

Due to low inertia and ultra sensitive tension controls and drive motors, they are able to handle very thin films and materials liable to stretching.

Key features include:

  • Rotating turret with ‘Phantom axis’ and thus compact design
  • Shafted design with pneumatic air shafts and flip-back type safety chucks
  • Shaftless design with arms that move in and out to accommodate web width without the need for spacers and optional lift tables
  • Unwinds capable of splicing in under-wind or over-wind mode with splice knives and operating cylinders mounted within turret assembly
  • Tension control with dancer roll feedback upon regenerative drives
  • Minimum unglued tail at splice
  • Non contact sensing of surface speed and splice timing mark
  • Rewinds with bump roll switching to lay on roll mode for perfectly wound reels.

Option available:
Hydraulically operated integral reel lift.
Lift tables.
Automatic guiding.


Up to 3200mm

400 for unwind splice to 2000mm

2000 kg for 1600 web width and pro-rata

20 – 500m/min

0.36 – 8.9 N/cm

Paper, film and foil

Download the Turret reel stands with automatic flying splice leaflet