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Shaftless reel stands (click to enlarge)

Shaftless reel stands

Delpro shaftless reel stands are modular self-standing units of robust construction. Operator handling is reduced to a minimum as reels are lifted from the floor or pallet without the need for additional lifting equipment.

Improved production speeds and reduced waste are achieved as precise tension control ensures that the quality of pay-off and reel-up is maintained over the complete speed and tension range.

Key features include:

  • Reels held on pneumatic/mechanical chucks with support arms mounted on common cross bar. Arms are driven in and out on linear guides via a double acting lead-screw to accommodate less than half width reels without the need for adaptors.
  • Arms pivot via hydraulic cylinders to pick reels direct from the floor or pallet
  • Braked or driven unwinds, subject to application
  • Manual or closed loop tension control using load cell roll or dancer roll position feedback and diameter sensors
  • Pneumatically loaded lay on roll with integral spreader roll on rewinds for perfectly wound reels.

Option available:
Automatic web guide or manual side-lay.
Two-position turret model.


Up to 3200mm

Up to 2000mm

2000 kg for 1600 web width and pro-rata

0.36 – 8.9 N/cm

5 – 500m/min

Paper, board, film and fabric

Download the Shaftless reel stands leaflet