Manufacturing and design engineers to the converting, packaging, printing and composites industries
Complete pre preg machine (click to enlarge)

Company Profile

Delpro’s most precious asset is its highly qualified people, most of whom have been trained through an apprenticeship scheme within the company and who personally oversee a project from design through to commissioning. The team brings combined product and application knowledge that runs across a wide range of industries and markets; experience that can be brought to bear in the form of an assessment of existing manufacturing methods and equipment.

For the converting, packaging and printing industries, products range from bespoke turnkey coating, laminating and pre-preg machines to custom-designed specialist components.

A large and open workshop allows machines and systems to be fully assembled and tested prior to delivery.

Delpro's Markets

Delpro's product and application knowledge serves a wide range of industries and markets.

  • Poster papers
  • Decorative papers
  • Flexible packaging
  • Decorative packaging
  • Permanent bond laminates
  • Hot stamping foils
  • OVD security products
  • Self adhesive stamps and labels
  • Medical wound dressings
  • Composite materials
  • Electronic circuitry
  • Renewable energy components