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Moisture conditioners

Designed to improve the quality of the end product by adding moisture and controlling curl in coated or uncoated papers and boards, Delpro conditioners will add up to 4% moisture at speeds of up to 300 m/min within ± 0.2% by weight.

The system uses dry super-heated steam that, unlike water wetting systems or raw steam, remains a gas and penetrates the internal paper fibres without wetting the surface. This can be critical where sensitive substrates or coatings are involved.

A wide range of substance weights and finishes can be upgraded and conditioners can be supplied for either new or existing printing, paper-making, coating and laminating machines, or as self-contained, ‘stand-alone’ units.

The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically and is supplied complete with supporting framework, pre and post cooling rolls and spreader rolls.

Automatic closed loop moisture control is offered with infrared moisture meters, all custom designed to suit the application.


Up to 3200mm

Up to 500 m/min

Up to 4% by weight

Moisture Conditioner

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