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Delpro – Ecoflex Carbon Fibre Doctor Blade sytems

Ecoflex is suitable for solvent, water based or UV cured inks and coatings and may be retrofitted to any flexo printer or gravure coater with web widths from 150 to 3000mm. It may also be customised to meet the needs of specific applications, and a wide range of anilox roll diameters can be accommodated with alternative profiles available.

  • Superior construction – carbon fibre has a stiffness and rigidity 300% greater than aluminium which ensures consistent doctoring and improved lay down
  • Corrosion free – carbon fibre does not suffer from any corrosion with water based or solvent inks and coating.
  • Rapid changeover – complete tool-less blade and seal changeover ensures downtime and make ready times are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Ultra lightweight – carbon fibre is 70% lighter than aluminium thus a 1200mm chamber weighs only 6.5kg – one operator can easily lift chambers in and out of the press without lifting equipment
  • Auto Comp mounting system – A simple two position mounting system automatically compensates for blade wear and ensures precision blade to anilox roll positioning on every set up
  • Minimum volume – The small volume of the enclosed chamber compared to open tray systems ensures a significant reduction in ink and coating use


From 150 to 4000mm
Continuous web or sheet fed machinery

Solvent, water-based or UV cured inks, coatings and varnishes

to any flexo printer, gravure coater or offset lacquering station

to meet specific applications

Chamber doctor blades - Ecoflex

Download the Ecoflex carbon fibre doctor blade systems leaflet