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Delpro coating innovation

With a reputation for technical innovation stretching back over 40 years, Delpro continues the tradition of supplying converting, packaging and printing companies with custom-designed machinery by the development and manufacture of a unique coating head that will allow five coating processes to be carried out in the one unit.

Designed for a European security company as part of a large coating and laminating machine, the head, in conjunction with four trolley systems, provides the facility of coating by Direct Gravure, Reverse Gravure, Offset Gravure, Mayer Rod and Air Knife processes. This versatility enables a very wide range of coatings and coat-weights to be applied, ranging from low coat-weight lacquers to high coat-weight adhesives, all from the same coating head. Also incorporated within the coating head is Delpro’s precision gap setting mechanism with back-lash free, pre-loaded ball screws enabling adjustments to be made under full load.

Further cost-effective flexibility is offered by a trolley designed for direct and offset gravure coating, fitted with a Delpro carbon fibre chambered doctor blade, and a second for reverse gravure, fitted with an oscillating adjustable trailing doctor blade.

Installation of the new machine is planned for early 2017 following full assembly and testing at Delpro’s large workshop facility in Glossop.

December 2016