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Delpro’s Coaters and Laminators to the fore at ICE

Long-time ICE exhibitor Delpro – continuous since 1999 - has announced good response to its presence at the latest show. “Once again the ICE show has provided an extremely valuable opportunity to Delpro, allowing access to the right kind of visitor. And, it is very pleasing to report that our Coating and Laminating equipment generated such genuine interest.”, so says Sarah Lowe, Delpro MD.

Featured on the stand was the Knife-over-Roll coater typical of the range of coaters that can handle from 5µ polyester to 2mm glass fibre with the added benefit of multiple coating heads for the application of aqueous, solvent or UV-cured coatings. This high-precision and versatile machine can apply high viscosity coatings to a high tolerance with product applications that include processing pre–preg composite fibres, embossed and plain flooring, reinforced plastics and medical dressings.

Although not featured on display, the Delpro high precision laminator also generated interest. Comprising a precision steel roll with rubber covered nip roller, nip pressure is independently adjustable via precision gap adjusters or pneumatic cylinder pressure. Pressure level is indicated on each side – the actual laminating pressure being indicated by load cell transducers. Pre-heating or cooling the steel laminating roll controls web entry and exit as well as laminating temperature. Auto control of all functions is also available; further options include servo control of gap setting, and rubber to rubber or steel to steel roll combinations.

Since 1975, Delpo has followed the principle of total partnership with customers – a principle that has allowed them to establish a reputation for excellent customer service. From plant analysis and product concept, through to 3D design, then supply, installation and commissioning, customers are able to be involved to whatever degree they wish. A large, open workshop allows machines and systems to be fully assembled and tested prior to delivery. Thereafter, Delpro’s well regarded after-sales service ensures a continuing working relationship.